DevOpsSchool Reviews and Customer Feedback

What is DevOps School?

The team of expert IT professionals founded and established DevOpsSchool in 2016, is pioneer of organized Training, Support & Consultant gloabally. In last few years, DevOpsSchool became a leading training provider/consultant company.

DevOpsSchool are based in India, USA, Europe, UK, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and reachable to other parts of World including abroad like Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, California and Dallas.

DevOpsSchool DevOps/SRE/DevSecOps trainers are from the real world of IT that means they are among you, having good professional and real time course related skills and experience. DevOpsSchool trainers are well known and highly qualified in DevOps and ready for 24×7 support to participants.

DevOpsSchool offer Online Training, Classroom Training & Corporate Training to the professionals & freshers worldwide which incorporated with Expert & Experienced Instructors. We combines the intensity of classroom training with the convenience of online learning.

List of Top Certifications are offered by DevOps School

1 GitOps Certified Professional (GOCP)

2 Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE)

3 Kubernetes Certified Administrator & Developer (KCAD)

4 MLOps Certified Professional (MLOCP)

5 DataOps Certified Professional (DOCP)

6 AiOps Certified Professional (AIOCP)

7 Master in Observability Engineering (MOE)

8 DevSecOps Certified Professionals (DSOCP)

9 DevOps Certified Professionals (DCP)

10 Site Reliability Engineering Certified Professionals (SRECP)

DevOps School Review and Feedback from Customer


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