Trustpilot reviews are fake or Paid. My personal Experience.

Last year, suddenly one of our prospective clients called us and shared the very negative feedback shared on Trustpilot and reason for it. We were shocked that Feedback published at Trustpilot was extremely negative in nature and almost 1 page long from someone who has never availed our services. We learnt that this was spoiling our customer perceptions.

Then we contacted Trustpilot on given email ids and they advised us to register as the business account and then flag the feedback so Trustpilot would check it.


I believe I am tech savvy. It was just to my great surprise,  I tried all possible ways to own that account using an official email id but Trustpilot website did not allow it and always redirected me to Payment URL or contacting a Trustpilot team for the same.

I continue trying with Trustpilot teams with Ticket #14530158 & Ticket #2017636 and  I was informed that to verify a person who has shared the feedback but instead doing that, they always forced us indirectly to get into their paid services.

Usually we use Google Review, Facebook Review and Youtube review but This negative feedback on Trustpilot was impacting our customer mindsets.

So we approached Only 5 customers out of 2K customers with whom we were working last 3+ yrs from USA, EUROPE and other countries and requested them to share feedback about our services on Trustpilot so feedback can be averaged out. and shockingly all the reviews manually got deleted after approvals. Let me be specific, reviews were shared from US, UK, Europe and India and surprise – All 5 reviews were deleted. All 5 customers informed us with the same results during the last 1 month as they received an deletion email. This was shocking for us

On this incident I learnt & experienced the following business model by Trustpilot

Step 1 – First, Trustpilot would publish Extremely Negative unverified Feedback about any growing website business
Step 2 – They would do basic SEO from Cheap from country so Bad review would come in Google front search
Step 3 – Once business would reach out to Trustpilot to work on Feedback, they would force business for paid services indirectly.
Step 4 – If a business requests their existing customer to share a trust feedback, manually they would remove it till the business opt for paid service with Trustpilot

Step 5 – Trustpilot places either PAID reviews or Negative reviews

Step 6 – You can not Call  Trustpilot as a review website.  They only entertain paid  business with This is the funniest thing.
We are still struggling with Trustpilot business Malpractices and we are discussing with the Legal team to file a case against. Any update, I would keep you posted on this through the next update.

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1 year ago

Trustpilot is Worst website

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