Pune is one amongst the inhabited town in asian country  and second largest in Maharashtra . Pune is extensively regarded  to be the second vital IT hub  and the most essential  automobile  and manufacturing  hub in Asian region . The city has came out as a great world educational hub  in current decagon .

Below are the lists of some best resorts for corporate team events and outing around pune.

#            Resorts    Location  Map Contact noGoogle reviewsIreviewed ratings
  1  Mohili Meadows Resort  Kondivade Road, Mohili,Karjat , geographical region 410201    Click  here    077770667233.4(383) Reviews 4.4/5 ratings
  2The Corinthians Resort  Corinthians Club  Internal Rd, Nyati County, Undri, Pune, geographical region411060      Click here    020269522224.4(2,566) Reviews 4.3/5 ratings
  3Della Resorts in Lonavala  Kunegaon, Lonavala, geographical region 410401    Click here    1800300074404.4(6,493) Reviews3.9/5 ratings
  4Ambrosia Resort    Survey NO. 38\2, Bavdhan Khurd, Pune -411021    Click here  098224971784.2(4,806) Reviews4.1/5 ratings
  5Radisson Blu Resort  and Spa in Alibaug  Raigad District, Alibaug, Maharashtra 402209    Click here    021413500014.5(5,119) Reviews 4.2/5 ratings
  6  Malhar Machi  At Post Valne , Taluka, Mulshi, Pune 411040Click here    020631100554.4(1,039) Reviews  4.0/5 ratings
  7Hidden Village Resort  Village Atgaon, Wada- Shahapur Rd, SakhroliClick here    09702055729    4.3 (2,200) Reviews 4.1/5 ratings

Mohili  Meadows Resort

The Mohili Meadows Resort is found  at Karjat and is one amongst  the top corporate team outing places in Pune . The resort endeavour a flawless blend of solace , luxury and journey and assurance you a  fun-filled outing between geographical area and temperament

Location: Kondivade Road, Mohili, Karjat, Maharashtra  410201

Contact no. 07777066723

Place name: Mohili


  • Popular amenities: Pool.  Air conditioning. Breakfast (extra charge). Parking
  • Food and drink: Restaurant. Buffet. Room service. Breakfast(extra charge). Breakfast buffet
  • Services: Front desk (24 hours ). Full-service laundry
  • Pool: Outdoor pool
  • Parking and transport: Parking
  • Rooms : Air conditioning
  • Bathrooms: Bathtub. Shower
  • Ireviewed: Fantastic environment,good food and staffs are humble and gentle .(4.4/5 ireviewed rating)

The Corinthians Resort

Corinthians is a wonderful and a magnificent  gem amid the metropolis with a enormous area of estate fenced by foliage to assist you consign to oblivion  from the daily rush and is one of the top places for the corporate team excursion close by Pune.

Location : Corinthians Club Internal Rd, Nyati , County, Undri ,Pune 411060

Contact no. 02026952222

Place name: Corinthians


The first microbrewery in India was rooted in this resort .

  • Well liked amenities: Pool, Health club, Hot tub, Brunch(free)
  • Internet: Wi-Fi(free)
  • Cuisine and brew: Restaurant, Bar , Buffet dinner, Room service(24 hours), Breakfast(free), Breakfast buffet
  • Exertion: Bicycle lease, Golf, Tennis, Horse riding , Nightclub
  • Services: Front desk (24), Baggage depot , Currency exchange
  • Pools : Outdoor  pool , Hot tub
  • Emplacing and convey: Parking, Valet parking, Airport shuttle(free)
  • Business  and events: Business centre , Meeting rooms
  • Ireviewed: You’ll get  a very pleasing and heartening welcome(4.3/5 ireviewed rating)  

Della Resorts in Lonavala

This immense  opulence resorts in Pune  for  corporate team outing is assemble in Lonavala, a attractive hill station close to Pune .


With both interior and exterior huge outlet , corporate team exertion get a genuine programme to display its activities  and team erection exertion for its employees.

  • Location: Kunergaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401
  • Contact no. 180030007440
  • Place name: Lonavala
  • Popular amenities: Pool, Spa
  • Internet: Wi-Fi
  • Cuisine and brew: Restaurant, Bar
  • Integrity and remittance: Credit cards , Debit cards, Cash
  • Activities: Bicycle hire, Horse riding, Night club
  • Services: Front desk( 24 hour ), Full- service laundry
  • Pools: Outdoor pool, Wading pool, Lifeguard
  • Parking and transport: Parking (free), Car rental onsite
  • Business and events: Business centre, Meeting rooms
  • Ireviewed: Della resort is amazing place and it’s a huge and fancy place(3.9/5 ireviewed rating)

Ambrosia Resorts

This is one of the oldest resort in Bavdhan  is attractive estate exude composure with fresh circumforaneous


  • Location: Survey no.38\2, Bavdhan Khurd, Pune 411021
  • Contact no. 09822497178
  • Place name: Pune
  • Internet: Wi-Fi(free)
  • Parking and transport: Free parking
  • Cuisine and brew: Alcohol, Beer, Coffee, Wine, Organic dishes, Vegetarian options
  • Ireviewed: It’s well known for its hospitality and staffs are friendly(4.1/5  ireviewed rating)

Radisson Blu Resorts and Spa in Alibaug

It is embraced by regional beaches  like Varsoli  and Nagaon, this alluring resort is enormous with  a lots of affluent villas to billet you and your  corporate team , it is one of the top most  corporate team outing resort near Pune.


  • Location: Riagad District, Alibag ,Varsoli, Maharashtra 402209
  • Contact no. 12141350001
  • Internet: Wi-Fi(free)
  • Cuisine and brew: Restaurant, Bar, Buffet dinner, Breakfast(free)
  • Policies and Payments: Credit cards
  • Services: Front desk(24 hour), Full service laundry
  • Pools: Outdoor pool, Hot tub
  • Parking  and transport: Parking(free), Airport shuttle, Local shuttle
  • Business and events: Business centre, Meeting rooms
  • Ireviewed: It’s very beautiful place(4.2/5 ireviewed rating)

Malhar  Machi

It is placed averse to the background of the Sahyadri  span in Mulshi.


  • Location: At Post Valne, Taluka, Mulshi, Pune 411040
  • Contact no. 02063110055
  • Place name: Mulshi
  • Internet: Wi-Fi(free)
  • Cuisine and brew: Restaurant, Buffet dinner, Breakfast(free)
  • Policies and Payments: Smoke –free property, Credit cards, Debit cards, Cash
  • Services: Front desk(24 hour), Housekeeping
  • Parking and transport: Parking(free), Valet parking, Local shuttle
  • Ireviewed: You’ll got  a nice service here(4.1/5 ireviewed rating)

Hidden Village Resort

This Hidden Village Resort lounge athwart  four  acres of  dazzling scenery and is one of the  top most  corporate team outing in Pune.


  • Location: Village, Atgaon,Wada-Shahapur Rd- Sakhroli 421301
  • Contact no. 09702055792
  • Place name : Maharashtra
  • Cuisine and brew: Buffet dinner, Breakfast(free)
  • Services: Full- service laundry
  • Pools: Pool
  • Ireviewed: Very nice place ,well maintained and excellent service(4.0/5 ireviewed rating)

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Question is about the best resorts  for corporate team events and outing in Pune.

  1. Mohili Meadows Resorts(5000 INR)Price
  2. The Corinthians  Resort(7,055 INR)Price
  3. Della Resorts In Lonavala (11, 763 INR)Price
  4. Ambrosia Resorts(4,651 INR)Price
  5. Radisson Blu Resorts and Spa In Alibaug(14,750 INR)Price
  6. Malhar  Machi (6,103 INR)Price
  7. Hidden Village Resort(2,421 INR)Price


Here we came to know about  the best resorts for  corporate team event and outing in Pune  , some the best resorts are their  where you can explore with your colleagues  and this all resorts are best for the business purpose and business meetings and lot more .

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