Top 5 Gym & Fitness Mobile Apps in Play Store – 2022

As we know that the best health and workout apps right now are very vital as we all try and keep fit inspite of being under lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. We were so sacred of going out for a walk for fear of bringing COVID-19 into our homes, and the same valid for gyms and fitness clubs too. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stay active and healthy all-through with the best and Top apps on your phone, you’ve got all the tools you need.

Top 5 Gym & Fitness Mobile Apps

Below are the list of Top 5 Gym & Fitness Mobile Apps

#App NameDownload LinkApp ReviewsiReviewed Rating
1.MyFitnessPalPlay store Download link: Android4.5/54/5
2.GloPlay store Download link: Android3.1/53/5
3.SworkitPlay store Download link: Android4 /53.8/5
4.HeadspacePlay store Download link: Android4.4/54/5
5.Home WorkoutPlay store Download link: Android4.9/54.7/5


  • IT is one of the most best fitness apps on mobile. It mainly bills itself as a calorie counter app.
  • This app supports various stuffs like various diets, foods, and macros if you’re into that stuff.
  • It also tracks exercise, connects to dozens of other devices and apps, logs and tracks your progress, and even has very less things like workout timers and step tracking.
  • It’s cost is $9.99 per month.


  • It is a great app for beginner trying to nail down the tree pose, or for more pro students who are ready to turn themselves into a human pretzel.
  • It offers daily curated classes to meet your needs, whether it’s improved sleep, stress reduction, or general strength training.
  • Also you can follow your interested yoga instructors for updates on their latest classes .
  • The many positive reviews give this app five stars for its library of knowledgeable teachers.


  • It is a fitness system that understands your pain, frustration, and schedule.
  • Along With Sworkit, the feeling of being too busy, too intimidated, or too unmotivated will be a thing of the past.
  • Also You can live your best life, once and for all. You can get and stay in shape and take finally control on your life.


  • You can Relax and sleep well with your own personal meditation studio that supports you everywhere you go.
  • It is a mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation app specially designed to help you with stress relief and anxiety release.
  • Go with HeadSpace and Breathe easy, relax, and calm your mind with meditation daily.

Home Workout

  • It provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups.
  • In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym or without any equipment.
  • Also, No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed with just your body weight.
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