Top 5 best indian youtube cooking channel you can definetly follow for best recipes

Below are the list of top 5 best YouTube channel you can follow to cook Indian and others best recipe in easy and simple ways:

Note: below ranking is according to my experience

1. hebbars kitchen

YouTube Subscriber: 6.3 Millions

Specialization: Quick, social media-friendly recipe videos 


In 2016, Mrs Hebbar started a blog, filled with her favourite recipes from home – the south Indian state of Karnataka. She had moved to Australia with her husband in 2014, and was trying to get a job as a software testing professional. With no local experience in the region, it was tough

To pass the time, she opened a WordPress account and began to post recipes of South Indian staples like tomato sambar (a lentil-based vegetable stew), rava idli (a savoury cake made from semolina) and masala upma (a thick porridge made from dry roasted semolina or rice flour).

Hebbar’s Kitchen has come a long way since. Their most popular video – a simple recipe of the Indian dessert rasgulla, a spongy ball-shaped dumpling cooked in sugar syrup – has got more than 17 million views.

2. Nisha Madhulika

YouTube Subscriber: 12.3 Millions

Specialization: Indian pure vegetarian Food, recipe videos without Garlic and Onion


Nisha Madhulika is one of the most renowned chefs of India. She is known for her exceptional cooking skills and recipes. She started her career with just simple recipe blogs but today is also a renowned restaurant consultant. Her recipes and cooking tips are added to the publications like Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, and Times of India.

3. kabita’s kitchen

YouTube Subscriber: 11.7 Millions

Specialization: Indian veg and non veg recipes


Kabita always had a passion for cooking and enjoyed doing it with her mother; however with her banking job she couldn’t pursue it any further. After getting married in 2009, she settled in UK. While there, she was unhappy with the Indian food available and started watching Indian recipes on YouTube to follow.

She quit her job when she had a baby to take care of him. When he started schooling, Kabita was left with lots of time on her hands which she decided to make use of it by going back to her first love, cooking. On November 2 2014 she posted her first video on YouTube.

4. Chef Ranveer Brar

YouTube Subscriber: 4.7 Millions

Specialization: Indian veg and non veg , continental recipes


Ranveer Singh Brar is an Indian celebrity chef, Television & digital celebrity, Masterchef India judge, author, restaurateur, food film producer and benefactor. He has set up restaurants in India and abroad and curated the menu of many more.

5. Sonia Barton

YouTube Subscriber: 4.07 Millions

Specialization: Indian veg and non veg recipes


She share How to make delicious & complicated recipes in a very easy & simple way using regular Ingredients & following Desi style of Cooking .

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